4 Types of Dental Bridges

dental bridges

Dental bridges are a common solution for replacing missing teeth and restoring the function and appearance of your smile. There are several types of dental bridges available, each with its unique features and benefits. In this article, we will explore the different types of dental bridges and help you determine which option may be the best fit for your needs.

Whether you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, a dental bridge can provide a stable and long-lasting solution to help you regain confidence in your smile. Following is the table of contents of the article:

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience, both for your self-esteem and your oral health. A dental bridge is one way to replace a missing tooth or teeth. A bridge is made up of two crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap, with a false tooth—or pontic—in between.

The pontic is attached to the crowns, which are then cemented into place. Dental bridges can be made from a variety of materials, including gold, alloys, and porcelain. Bridges can also be supported by implants or adjacent teeth.

Although bridges are usually permanent, they may need to be replaced or adjusted over time. With proper care, however, a dental bridge can last for many years. If you are considering a bridge, be sure to consult with a qualified dentist to determine if it is the best option for you.

Dental Bridge Procedure

The process of placing a bridge typically takes two to three visits to the dentist. First, the abutment teeth (the teeth on either side of the gap) are prepared by removing a small amount of enamel. This creates room for the crowns that will support the bridge.

Next, impressions of the prepared teeth are taken and used to create the bridge. While the bridge is being made, the patient wears a temporary bridge. Once the permanent bridge is ready, it is placed over the abutment teeth and cemented into place.

The cement is allowed to harden, and then the bite is checked to make sure that the bridge is fitting properly. Finally, any adjustments are made and the bridge is polished. With proper care, dental bridges can last for many years.

Types of Dental Bridges

Traditional Dental Bridges

Traditional dental bridges are one of the most common types of dental bridges. They are made of two crowns that are placed on the teeth on either side of the gap, with a false tooth in between. The crowns are usually made of porcelain, and the false tooth can be made of porcelain, gold, or a combination of the two.

Traditional dental bridges are usually semi-permanent, meaning that they can be removed by a dentist if necessary. However, they are not as strong as implant-supported bridges, and they may need to be replaced after five to seven years. Nonetheless, traditional dental bridges are a reliable and effective way to close a gap in your smile.

Cantilever Bridges

A dental bridge is a false tooth, known as a pontic, which is fused between two crowns to fill in the space created by a missing tooth. The two crowns holding it in place are attached to your teeth on each side of the false tooth. This is known as a cantilever bridge.

Cantilever bridges are used when there are teeth on only one side of the space created by the missing tooth. In this situation, the pontic is attached to the adjacent tooth and extends over the open space. Bridges can be made from gold alloys, base metal alloys or ceramic materials.

Your dentist will advise you on which type of dental bridge is best for you.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Unlike a traditional bridge, which is supported by adjacent teeth, an implant-supported bridge is anchored in place by one or more titanium implants. This provides a much more secure and stable foundation for the prosthesis and can help to preserve the health of the surrounding teeth.

In addition, implant-supported bridges are much less likely to become loose or fall out, and they can be used to support a full set of dentures. As a result, implant-supported bridges are an ideal solution for patients who are missing multiple teeth.

Maryland Bridges

Maryland dental bridges get their name from the way they are supported by the abutment teeth. The metal framework of the bridge is bonded to the abutment teeth using special dental cement. This type of bridge is strong and durable, making it an ideal option for people who have heavy biting forces.

Dental Bridge Problems

Dental bridges have been used for centuries to replace missing teeth, and they are still one of the most effective ways to restore your smile. However, like all dental prosthetics, they are not without their problems. The most common issue is that bridges can eventually come loose, especially if you do not take good care of your teeth.

They can also put extra strain on the supporting teeth, which can lead to pain and inflammation. In rare cases, bridges can also cause allergic reactions. However, these problems are usually minor and can be easily resolved by a qualified dentist.

Overall, dental bridges are a safe and effective way to restore your smile.

Dental Bridge Cost

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