Our Treatments

Teeth Whitening Bali

Lightening the color of the teeth with bleaching gel or laser whitening. It restores the natural white color of the teeth. Read More

Bali Dental Crowns

A tooth-shaped cap that can be placed over the tooth. It can protect and restore tooth shape when fillings are not sufficient. Read More

Bali Dental Veneers

A custom-made thin shell to cover the front face of the teeth. These shells are tooth-colored and can improve your looks. Read More

Bali Dentures

A removable dental appliance to replace missing teeth. It can be applied for single tooth, partial or complete teeth. Read More

Braces in Bali

Improving teeth alignment by installing orthodontic braces in the patient’s teeth. The treatment and the braces are custom to the patient. Read More

Emergency Dentist Bali

Dental emergencies can happen at any time, and they can be especially stressful when you're overseas. If you find yourself in need of a local emergency dentist while you're in Bali, don't worry - Bali Dental Voyage can help. Read More

Invisalign Bali

A clear removable aligner that gently straightens your teeth over time. It's less noticeable than braces. Read More

Bali Teeth Cleaning

Dental cleaning treatment to improve oral hygiene. It prevents oral health issues and should be done regularly. Read More

Bali Tooth Fillings

Repair to a tooth cavity by removing the decayed tissue and then fill the empty space with fillings. Read More

Dental Implants Bali

Restoring appearance or the ability to chew by surgically implanting dental into the jaw. It supports bridges, dentures, or crowns. Read More

Tooth Extractions in Bali

Repair a tooth cavity by removing the decayed tissue and then fill the empty space with fillings. It's done to relieve pain, stop infection, and prevent complete tooth loss. Read More

Bali Root Canal Treatment

A treatment to relieve pain caused by a bacterial infected tooth. It's done by removing the inflamed pulp, disinfecting the tooth, and sealing the space with filling. Read More
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